Our new senior management team is now complete

Blog Post Date: Montag 19 Februar 2018

The new senior management team at IDT Biologika in Dessau is now complete. On January 22, Dr. Christian Wirth took up the role of second managing director and head of the animal health unit. In August of the previous year, Andreas Kastenbauer had assumed overall responsibility of the family-run company, taking on the position of managing director. IDT Biologika therefore once again has two people at its helm.

“I am very pleased to have Dr. Wirth joining us as a second managing director, and am certain he will prove a great asset to IDT’s management. His focus in this role will be on the strategic direction of our animal health unit,” explains IDT CEO Andreas Kastenbauer on presenting the company’s new management duo.

Dr. Christian Wirth boasts broad expertise in the pharmaceuticals and medical technology sectors as well as comprehensive experience in leading management teams, particularly within sales, marketing, production and the penetration of new markets. His previous roles include that of managing director for Germany and central and eastern Europe at Essex Tierarznei, today called MSD. His most recent role was as European director at Chemogroup/Exeltis, an international corporation specializing in health products for women.

“I began my professional career in the veterinary pharmaceuticals industry. I feel now is the right time to return to the field of animal medicine,” says Dr. Christian Wirth regarding his new position. He has known IDT Biologika for more than 20 years. “I used to work with former managing directors Dr. Heinz Hofmann and Dr. Gert Barysch within the Bundesverband für Tiergesundheit (German Association for Animal Health), in a networking capacity. Since then, IDT has of course undergone a great deal of change. But some things have remained the same: its excellent reputation within the animal medicine sector and its high-quality products, for example.” Dr. Wirth sees the organic, profitable growth of IDT, both on the German and on the international markets, as his primary goal.