Smart Scale-Up: Expanding Viral Vectors With Microcarrier Bead Technology

As health professionals administer the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, other companies are working to develop viral vector-based vaccines to combat coronavirus and other viral diseases. Viral vectors require cells to grow, but certain viral vectors can only be produced on adherent cell cultures, while others can also be produced on suspension cell cultures. Vaccine manufacturers often encounter significant challenges in scaling up the adherent cell cultures used for these treatments, and novel technologies are needed to facilitate safe, rapid production...

Heidi Trusheim, Director, Process Development
Edward Fix, Director, Manufacturing, IDT Biologika US, Rockville, MD.



Viral Vectors, Vaccines- A New Era Of Collaborative Design

As healthcare professionals begin to administer COVID-19 vaccinations across the globe, the conversation about vector-based treatments has expanded. Viral vectors are relatively new to the industry and even newer to the market, having only been developed 20 years ago, but their value has become more apparent as pharmaceutical technologies and capabilities have evolved...

Dr. Andreas Neubert, Chief Science Officer, IDT Biologika



IDT Biologika – Contract Development and Manufacturing of Live Viral Vaccines, Viral Vectors for Gene and Immune Therapeutics, and Fill/Finish of Biologics

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IDT Biologika is a global biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in the production of breakthrough live viral vaccines, viral vectors for gene and immune therapeutics as well as fill/finish of sterile liquid and lyophilized biologics to improve human health worldwide. We offer clients a single source CDMO partner with seamless end-to-end solutions and the ability to nimbly scale projects from development through clinical phases I–III to commercialization...